American flag at a new house construction site being inspected by one of our home inspectors

Professional Background

David Longoria
Inspection Certification Associates – 26694
ASHI Member

David is a proud veteran of the United States Army and served for over 10 years during which he completed 3 combat tours. After his Honorable discharge from the military he worked as a low voltage electrician and then a press mechanic. Both jobs have given him strong knowledge in the inner workings of electrical, mechanical components, and appliances. With this background he can easily solve most mechanical issues, and knows the functionality of most machines and their components.

Along with his personal knowledge of the construction industry, Home Inspecting was a natural fit. He has become a certified home inspector and hopes to use his knowledge to help people find a home that is safe and reliable at a fair market price.

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Military couple hugging while holding their new keys after an inspection by our home inspectors

Military Minded

David approaches every Inspection with military precision and makes certain every industry standard is maintained to the highest degree.

With his years of military service, David has been given an arsenal of skills and a perfect mindset for Home Inspections. In the Army, observing every detail of your surroundings is necessary to get the job done and done right. You must be disciplined, learn, and memorize a long list of procedures and skills in order to complete your objectives, and keep you and your team safe. His discipline and dedication has not ended after his years of service.

Aerial view of a Denver Colorado residential neighborhood in the Autumn where our home inspectors live

Homelife and Hobbies

David is a family man and adores spending as much time as possible with his wife and daughters. In his family, time spent outdoors is time well spent. They enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking. David also enjoys working on classic cars and attending hot road car shows in his free time. To relax, David gardens and build his own unique planters

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Care for the Community

David treats every client like they are a part of his family. He knows his business is part of a larger community and wants to help other people in that community to have the best home possible. He loves his job for that reason. Helping people find a safe and stable home at the best price possible gives them joy and pride in what they do.

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